Snacks & desserts


Vegan pumpkin muffins

(Super delicious muffins which will become even better if you add some whipped cream) 


SAMSUNG CSC A cup of Chino

(Spice up your regular old cup of tea and enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling even more with this recipe on how to make a cup of chino)

SAMSUNG CSC Banana roll-ups

 (Bring on those chopsticks and enjoy this vegan-friendly sushi-alternative, they’re prefect for any meal  of the day)


12309308_774156216026265_803129746_n Vegan avocado-bites

(These lovelies are perfect for either snack or dessert as they are stuffed with healthy fats only. They’re best if you consume them right after making them.)


SAMSUNG CSC Vegan chocolate-chip cookies

(These guys are ridiculously quick to make and can be lifted to a whole other level if you decide to go with a chocolate that has a flavor to it.)  

SAMSUNG CSC Rice-crackers with topping

(Rice-crackers are the perfect solution for those afternoon munchies, so here are 10 suggestion of what to put on top.)


SAMSUNG CSC Roasted chickpeas

(These roasted chickpeas are protein-packed and a perfect alternative to popcorn or added into salads. And of course you can give them any flavor you want)

SAMSUNG CSC Dip for veggie-sticks

(If you’re looking for some inspiration on which dip to add to your veggieplate here are a few to choose from!)


SAMSUNG CSC Vegan peanut-butter cookies!

(These cookies are soft on the inside and works perfectly as a dessert or as a snack accompanied by a cup of coffee/tea.)

SAMSUNG CSC Vegan soft caramels!

(These bad boys are sure to spike your bloodsugar levels, but they’re vegan and super delicious too. Perfect as a little gift to a special someone) 

SAMSUNG CSC Nutty gingerbread cookies!

(This is a super easy and quick recipe to make, and you can decorate them however you like, maybe switch the nuts for something even more creative 🙂 )