Lunches & Dinners

SAMSUNG CSC Creamy broccoli pasta with tomatoes

(Super filling pasta dish with room for flavor experimentation)



Vegan lasagna

(Sweet vegan-cheezus, this is a veggie-stuffed lasagna with lentils)


SAMSUNG CSC  Soy-rolls with pesto

(These vegan soy-rolls will make your regular sausage-rolls crawl away in shame) 


SAMSUNG CSC Vegan sausage-dish

(This super filling dinner made with soybased sausages can also be quite lovely on a piece of dark rye bread)



Mushroom patties

(These patties can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a topping for your break.. really, what cant they do?)


SAMSUNG CSC Quinoa salad!

(This super healthy salad will stuff you with protein and green goodness. Can be mixed with endless dressing-variations. ) 

SAMSUNG CSC Tomato soup!

(This is a super simple recipe for tomato soup that’ll literally take you less than half an hour to make and still taste awesome.)