“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. 

Teach the man to garden, and the whole neighbourhood gets tomatoes. And squash. And carrots. And…”

Being a herbivore in a meat loving society can be quite tricky at times. Within this website you’ll find recipes, tips and guides meant for anyone who wishes to give a cruelty-free lifestyle a try. 

Excluding meat-products from your diet doesn’t have to be a boring experience, nature is quite colorful and tasty all on its own, so please join me on my journey and lets save some animals while eating amazing and nourishing foods. 

Dietary decisions can be a touchy subject for a lot of us and having a strong opinion you wish to share with other people can easily make one sound condescending.

This of course, is not my purpose of making this site. I simply hope to convey the fact that nature is delicious and hopefully inspire you to experiment and have fun with natures delicacies even for just a weekly day or two. 

~ Pernille Hegelund  


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