Merry Christmas!

Searching around the web for a picture with hat-wearing farm animals turned out to be a bit more difficult then I had thought. I wanted to make a post that gave a friendly feel instead of a “this is what you see on your Christmas table tonight, doom doom doom”.

Luckily I stumbled across this lovely Christmas card made by Jocelyn Sandor, and I’m really loving the way these animals seem to just want to be friends with the viewer 😀 So cute.

Of course it would be super awesome if you tried going vegan this Christmas, but seeing as Christmas dinners are spent with the family, and most people get scared if you present them with something meatfree, this can be quite tricky (wow, did I just manage to sum up the story of my life?.)

All I hope is that you enjoy your Christmas, vegan or not, and hopefully send a warm thought to the animals and reach for some more potatoes as you do. 🙂

Also!. Check out Jocelyns website for more Christmas cards, I wish I had found them earlier, but oh well.. there’s always next Christmas 😀


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