Having a plate of veggies is an awesome alternative to unhealthy sweet things when you want to treat your guests to something nice.

Sometimes I even go all in and make a huge plate (like seriously huge) just for myself to munch on as a lunch dish.

The veggiesticks in themselves are fantastic, but it’s the dip that really gives the veggieplate its purpose.

As many others, my go-to dip is hummus, lately I’ve been loving this hummus with chili added, its just super flavorful, but in case you want to add a new element, here are some recipes for veggie-friendly dips which I know I’ll be sure to add on my own to-do list 😀



  1. Sesame, sweet potatoe & miso-dip

2. Mayan pumpkin-dip

3. Boiled peanut-hummus

4. Muhamara

5. Almond & sesame-dip

6. White bean with herbs-dip

7. Ginger, miso & sweetpea-spread

8. Roasted carrot & white bean-dip





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