Motivational Monday – Superfoods!

This weeks Motivational Monday is a very VERY indirect way of tricking you into fancying veganism if you don’t already 😀

Have you ever heard of superfoods? well.. while the term doesn’t really exist as a defined word in the dictionary yet, the idea behind it is for it to be a tag you can put on any food that is relatively dense in calories while being full of good stuff like anti oxidants, vitamins and so on. Some of them even makes your body spend more energy by digesting than is in the food itself. 😮

Now.. take a look at this chart below.. see a pattern?

No animal products what-so-ever. 

These foods are simply said, the best foods for your body in every way. So really, a diet that is based solely on these foods is bound to be awesome for you 🙂

superfood chart


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