Motivational Monday – Whats wrong with eggs?

Whats wrong with eggs? Well nothing.. for chickens that is. But for humans? … well.

Eggs contain the perfect environment for a growing chicken, and that’s just what it is, an environment for growth. Most people who eat eggs do it because of the high protein-content, but for the chicken to grow, the egg actually also has a very high amount of saturated fat.

Now you’ve probably heard that eggs raises our bodies’ cholesterol (which is bad, very bad), but the egg itself does not contain a very large amount of cholesterol. It’s the saturated fat in the egg which is the enemy.

You see, when the saturated fat gets into our bodies we automatically convert it into cholesterol and thereby raise our total cholesterol level even more which then creates plaques on our arteries and prevents proper blood flow.

A bad blood flow makes your heart work harder to get the blood flowing, thereby increasing the blood pressure which can lead to all sorts of bad scenarios like heart attacks and strokes.

So if you really just eat eggs for the source of protein, do go and have a look at last weeks Motivational Monday instead 🙂

Here’s a little extra reading if you like:

And if you’re the type who prefers a visual story… (Im sorry in advance)

A chicken laying an egg (5:31 minutes)



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