Motivational monday – The Protein question

These last couple of years there’s been a huge fitness trend going on, everyone wants to be strong and lean but most of all.. they want muscle. And how does one get muscle? By eating protein.

And so the protein boom began.

While protein is indeed absolutely essential, there’s been a huge misconception about how much protein we actually need and how to get it.

Last week I was eating with my friends parents. My friend had brought her little son along and during the dinner her dad kept telling the son that he had to eat his meat if he wanted to become strong.

Being a guest I didn’t want to start discussing the fact that while protein does help the body build muscle, it really doesn’t have to come from meat, and in fact most of us consume the recommended daily amount of protein just by eating veggies, roots and fruits alone.

Thinking back I sort of regret not doing it, if this is main reason why some people are hesitant to ban meat, they need to be informed.

So here’s a bunch of links to shed some light upon the question “So where do you get your protein from?”


Harvard Health Publications on protein needs

An athlete’s perspective on protein

Vegan protein examples + mealplan

Chart of protein in carbohydrates

Chart of protein in fruits

Chart of protein in veggies

And if you want the short version:

Beef contains 6,4 grams of protein pr. 100 g, while Broccoli contains 11,1 grams pr. 100 g 🙂



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