Freestyle Friday – The perfect match

Baby it’s cold outside… like really cold. Actually, there’s been a broadcast of a possible snowstorm coming in my country (yikes).

Living in the north I’ve gotten used to the cold weather , now I simply see it as a good reason to cuddle up on my couch with blanket, a good movie and a glass of wine.

But when it comes to dinnertime I’m all about warming myself up, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of soup I get through during these cold months.

So for this weeks Freestyle Friday I figured I’d take inspiration from two of my favorite winter-things (Soup and wine) and give you a sheet full of the perfect combinations as well as a beer alternative if that’s more your thing 😀




2 thoughts on “Freestyle Friday – The perfect match

    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog 😀 I had a look at yours too and it seems like next time I’m wondering which wine to buy, you’re the one to ask 😀
      (Also, I LOVE the way you stage your pictures!)
      Enjoy the cold weather! 🍷

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